Labor Law

Labor Law

Our lawyers are specialized in any type of dismissal: unfair, appropriate, null, objective. We guarantee you maximum compensation.

Our Labor Lawyers, specialized in Labor Law, can offer you our professional services in the claim of amount that the company or the worker may owe you.

If you wish, in addition to being attended in our Law Firm in Torrevieja, we offer you the possibility of having our Labor Lawyers attend you at our offices.

The Permanent disability is regulated in the current General Social Security Law and includes four degrees: Partial Permanent Disability, Total Permanent Disability for the usual profession, Absolute Permanent Disability for any profession or trade and Major Disability.


The following shall be considered contractual breaches:

  • Repeated and unjustified absences from attendance or punctuality at work.
  • Indiscipline or disobedience at work.
  • Verbal or physical offenses to the employer or to the people who work in the company or to the relatives who live with them.
  • The transgression of contractual good faith, as well as the abuse of trust in the performance of the work.
  • The continuous and voluntary decrease in normal or agreed work performance.
  • Habitual drunkenness or drug addiction, if they have a negative impact on work.
  • Harassment based on racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation and sexual harassment by the employer or persons working in the company.

The employer has the right, within the employment relationship that unites him with his employees, to order them to perform certain tasks according to his contract. This is clarified in article 20.1 of the Workers’ Statute.

We are lawyers specialized in ERES and ERTES, Employment Regulation Files.

We can offer our professional services and help you in the processing of employment regulation files.

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