Obtaining N.I.E.

Obtaining N.I.E.

Foreigners who remain in Spain for more than three months and who are not citizens of any State part of the European Union, must request the Identity Number at the Foreigners Office of the Police Station according to the place of residence. Foreigner (NIE) is an identification document that allows you to carry out procedures in the country, because of labor, economic or study relations in Spanish territory, it can also be used as a Tax Identification Number (NIF), in case of open a bank account or sign an employment contract. The NIE can be permanent or temporary.

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  • The permanent NIE, the interested party cannot request it at the consular office, it can only be obtained by those foreigners who, for work reasons, economic activity, or studies, must prove documentation if their stay is for more than three months, they can request it before after 90 days.
  • The temporary NIE, valid for three months, is aimed at foreigners who do not intend to reside in Spain but need it for specific situations such as receiving an inheritance, signing the purchase of a house, or some civil act where you need a tax ID to do so.
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