Construction Defects


Cosntrucctions Defects

Claim for construction defects

The priority objective of the LOE is to regulate the construction process, updating the legal configuration of the agents involved in the construction, setting their obligations in a much more precise and current way, in order to establish the responsibilities and cover the guarantees to the users.

The LOE and Construction Defects on our Constitution of 1978, note that art. 33 CE, recognizes private property as a right of citizens, delimiting its social function its content, in accordance with the laws.

The art. 45 EC recognizes the right to enjoy an adequate environment for the development of the person, as well as the duty to preserve it, and the public powers must protect it, which is important not only when legislating, but also when allowing, through the licenses, the way to build, and the legislator must establish administrative or criminal sanctions, as well as the obligation to repair the damage caused, for those who violate the above.


An expert report is evidence recognized by law.

The expert report is a technical document or expert opinion on constructive pathologies in a building or structure and has the specific purpose of serving as expert or expert evidence on the origin, nature, and scope of this affectation, as well as on its causes and defects in building you find. It can then be said that it establishes a conclusion regarding a problem.

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