It is not surprising that alarms are increasingly the security system par excellence for new or second-hand houses, as well as for businesses. Alarms allow you to live more calmly, since they highly effective anti-theft and anti-occupation protection methods.


Main security alarm systems

The most advanced alarm systems could be grouped into three types;

  • Anti-intrusion: These would protect you against unauthorized access in a certain area of a property. In the event that the intrusion occurs, the motion detectors would be activated by sending a signal via GPRS to the Alarm Receiving Center.

  • Security against sabotage:

Sabotage: In this case, in the event of a possible power outage, it would operate with the external battery so that the IP signal could continue to function normally.

  • Anti-inhibition system:

Automatically, the IP signal is put into operation, so that in this way it can continue to receive images from inside the house.

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